Rosa and Amir

Rosa Amir

از خون جوانان وطن لاله دمیده

They were young and vibrant. Optimistic and hopeful. Open and lovely. Smiling and fun. Hard working and helpful. Educated and dedicated — to their families, friends, their country and to freedom.

In the morning of September 29, 2009, we lost Rosa Ajiri, 27, and Amir Zamani Far, 29, both staff members of Radio Farda, the Persian service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, in a tragic car accident near Prague, the Czech Republic. Another Radio Farda staff member, Mahin Gorji Fard, 43, driving the car, is in a coma and on artificial sleep.

Those who know them are all in mourning for the loss of their brilliant daughter, son, sister, brother, friend, and colleague. It’s not easy for a family to raise the kind of kids they were. It’s not easy for a nation to lose passionate, devoted, patriotic, freedom-loving youths they were.

They have shown thousands of their relatives and friends and millions of their listeners and web users how different Iranian youths are from what is being forcibly imposed on them and this brave nation.

We are proud of these youths. Proud of these families. Proud of this nation.

(in Persian, with links to most recent reports by Rosa, Amir, and Mahin; in English: In Memoriam: Radio Farda Loses Respected Colleagues)