Landing In Jail for Treating Political Prisoners

dr-firoozi-a-batebi1By Abbas Djavadi – Dr. Hessam Firoozi (photo, left), a physician who has treated dozens of political prisoners in Iran including Akbar Ganji, Ahmad Batebi (photo, right), and dissident Ayatollah Borujerdi, was sentenced to one year in prison and sent to jail last week.  He was accused of «providing refuge» and of «hiding» political opponents and prisoners, including Mr. Batebi, while on leave from prison.

In an interview with Niusha Boghrati of Radio Farda, Hessam Firoozi’s spouse, Mahta Bordbar, said that meeting with political prisoners to provide medical assistance while they were on approved leave did not constitute «hiding» them.

They have appealed the court verdict, Mrs. Bordbar said, but «the decision has been made in advance and nothing can apparently change it.» (For the full report and interview in Persian, click here)