Now Reading: «The Obamas» by Jodi Kantor


«Die Obamas» is the title of the German version of «The Obamas,» by Jodi Kantor, that was published  January 10 simultaneously in English (Little, Brown & Co.) and German (Droemer). That’s what I have started to read now. The Introduction and the first part, «The Arrival» (in the White House) were both informative and exciting – an opener for the main idea of the book: contrary to the Obamas› statements and set goals before the 2008 presidential election to «live a normal life» as a presidential couple, Michele and Barack are still fighting to keep politics away, just as far as possible, from their private life.

A very interesting read also in the context of the next presidential election with President Obama reportedly improving his chances of re-election not only because of weaknesses and in-fighting in the Republican camp but also US economy’s gradual catch-up while Europe is still struggling with the financial crisis of its southern part.